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I'v always had cats in my life, my 'Mom' gave me a box of pictures, in every picture of me I'm holding a cat. Even before I could walk. My Mom was a 'mover', after she divorced my X-Dad, I prefer to call him that, he was very abusive. After they Divorced, our first move was in a packed 'Corvair', with our cat 'Beezie'. Mom moved us up the street, down the street, even across the street a few times. Her moves were 3 days of packing & cleaning both new apts. Not to mention the 5 trips from Chicago to Calif, or from Calif back to Chicago. 'Beezie' was always with us, he even would do his 'business' behind a bush in the middle of nowhere, along with us. I joined a few Animal Rescue groups in my town, ignoring the 'do nothings' that always complained about who got the 'pats on the backs'. Not on what the groups purpose is, which is helping the animals. A few other Volunteers & I opened our own non-profit, animal rescue group, many of others who only wanted to help animals.Who also didnt care who got there picture in the paper, joined us. In less then 2 yrs. we reduced the Shelter turn in's from our town down from 86% to 3%. We trapped many Feral Cats, spayed & neutered them then returned them to their group. A few times a yr. we held $5.00 spay & neuter days, anyone could bring their cat in, even Feral. You could be rich or poor, we still spayed or neutered your cat. We took in kittens to bottle raise, many of us are Vet Techs, we gave your cat the Vet care it need, if it was injured.
We now help Animals in other towns, we help eachother if someone needs time off, always reay to help other groups. Everyone in our group puts the Animals first.
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Very good, very nice. I like it.