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My cat was one of the homeless creatures that lives around the school. He followed me to my car one night, and just jumped in, despite my trying to shoo him off.

I took him home, and was promptly told he couldn't stay, he had to go to a shelter the next day...the next week.... fine, but he is an outside cat... okay, he can come in until he heals from the surgery.... would someone open the damn door, the cat wants back in!

Despite the fact that my father repeatedly calls the cat the wrong name, even he fell in love with the lil bugger.
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3 Responses Dec 16, 2007

he's not as friendly as he was when we first brought him home<br />
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In some ways i see that as a good thing, because it was a survival tactic of his to be insanely playful and nice to everyone at the school and hope they would drop food for him. A lot of the animals at the school are like that. <br />
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You can see how much more comfortable he is here now, although he still freaks out if his food bowl is ever empty.

My dad can't say the cat's name. The cat's name is Piaget, but my dad just calls him PJ - which is better than my grandmother who calls him Pajamas. <br />
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When he first came home, I thought he was a month and a half age, based on his size. The vet said he was almost 6 months old, based on his teeth. He was literally starving to death. Now, he is a big, burly, healthy tom cat. You can't tell he was ever starving, lol.

That's such a cool story... More people should be so concerned with cats. I think. 'Course, I've got like six of them that come and go from my house...