I Love My Girls

Two of my kitties are rescues. The oldest was left in a box in a hedge on the veterinarian office's parking lot, with nothing but a piece of lunch meat for her to eat. They took her in, and were waiting past their normal "expiration" date for someone to adopt her, else they would have turned her over to Animal Control. We all know how that story ends...
Our other little girl was found in a parking lot at a Christmas craft fair. There were no neighborhoods nearby, and she was too little to have likely strayed that far from "home" on her own. So we picked her up, and never got around to turning her in to the no-kill shelter...

Our middle "child," a boy, was adopted from the adoption center at the PetsMart. Technically he can be considered an indirect rescue, as the agency that ran the adoption center was a local no-kill shelter.
badonkadoku badonkadoku
46-50, M
Jul 20, 2010