My Rescue Babies

My first rescue was a handsome street cat.  Siamese, maybe Himalayan.  When Bill gave him his first bath, he took up the bath mat first.  It had suckers on the bottom so as to not slide around the tub.  Houdini heard that sound, jumped out of the tub, ran out of the kitchen, down the hallway and jumped onto my recliner headrest in three seconds!  I named him Houdini after his first vet visit.  He had to have his ears cleaned and I asked the vet how she would do that.  I know cats hate having their ears touched.  She told me about this ct-safe bag that they put cats into when they cleaned their ears, and how cats couldn't  get out of it.  He did -- twice.  Houdini loved being groomed, and would sit on top of my recliner with his tail under my nose. 

He even flew with me to Cleveland from Oregon.  He died in  2008 - CRF.

In his memory, we adopted three new cats from the APL.  Simba, a red-gold-white boy, Oliver, an ring-tail orange-white tabby boy, and Sheba, a silver-black Mackeral tabby, girl.  The last to join our mix was Buffy, an Abyssinian boy from Valley Save-A-Pet.  While I love all the cats, I really miss Houdini.   
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Thanks. I made an online memorial to Houdini, please check it out. There's a picture of that very handsome cat. He had Siamese coloring, dark paws (all 4) and mask and dark ears, tail, and a sort of ivory-gold body. Sweetest disposition!

i miss my cats at home, all 3 of them. they are all rescued too. i just melt when i see stray cats, especially kittens, no other options but to take them home. i don't know, i feel sad if i can't rescue a cat, sometimes they just look me in the eye, saying something that we don't understand. most of the time, those eyes are sad....