And Now I Raise Her Kittens

Recently my sister found a stray cat who was in perfect condition (no diseases or scars or anything) that was pregnant, and decided to bring her to my mom. We decided that we would take care of her until she gave birth (she was visibly pregnant) and then give away the kittens. At around the same time the kittens were born, my other cat got terminally ill with what I think is a brain tumor combined with a severe ear mite infection, and became a recluse. Now, three months after they were born, we have given two away and are waiting to get kennels to take the rest (except for two kittens) to a shelter. This wasn't the first cat I rescued, and it most likely won't be my last.
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Yea, the pic is an EP premade one. I had one cat we adopted from a neighbor our first year in Puerto Rico, where I live, and she got pregnant, but one of her kittens fell down a stairwell (we lived in a two-story house). Luckily, she was only blinded and nothing more serious happened, but it was still tragic to have a kitten that's not even a month old fall down fifteen feet. (the house is sorta big...)

rescued two cats last July. I kept one and after the other gave birth to three kittens, I found a good home for her. I gave one kitten away and kept two. I already had two cats so at one point in time I had 7 cats in my home. My oldest female passed away, so now I am down to 4. It feels good to have such loving beautiful creatures around. By the way, my only female looks just like the one in the pic, except she has a black stripe on the top of her head, just like a mohawk. Cuties, all of them.

i rescued a cat once it had trouble seeing but it got better