Doing Everything My Mother Hates

I rescued two cats last July. I kept one and after the other gave birth to three kittens, I found a good home for her. I gave one kitten away and kept two. I already had two cats so at one point in time I had 7 cats in my home. My oldest female passed away, so now I am down to 4. It feels good to have such loving beautiful creatures around. By the way, my only female looks just like the one in the pic, except she has a black stripe on the top of her head, just like a mohawk. Cuties, all of them.

My mother the ***** (whole other story) drowned a black kitten right in front of me when I was about 7. She said it was evil.  She's a real basket case and is the devil incarnate.  *****! Since then I have a weakness for black cats, but that doesn't stop me from adopting and finding homes fom any stray that comes along. 
Ramm08 Ramm08
Aug 12, 2010