Tabby She Cat

My friend found 3 kittens in waste disposal wheelie bins where he lived years ago that someone had dumped there...

So i took one home it was only like 3 days old and had to feed it milk with an eye dropper...

She was the most wonderful she tabby cat...

As she grew she would become totally attached to me and as soon as i got home and sat down would jump straight up on my lap and start purring...

If i walked out of the house she would follow me and walk to the end of the street with me and when i crossed the street she wait there on the corner for me without crossing...

When i got back maybe hours later she would run from close to the same place the street where i left her and where she would have been taking a cat nap and walk back home with me lol...

I could write so much more about this cat, i'll have to add more a bit at a time!

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6 Responses Feb 3, 2008

I do not blame YOUR she cat... I would pounce on YOUR lap the moment YOU got home as well!!!!<br />
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lol... yeah, my kitty is so spoiled!!! when I am not making her chicken she will paw the backs of my legs till I give her a couple of turkey hotdogs....otherwise she will refuse to eat!!!<br />
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She was sooooo happy when I came back from England! that she has been cuddling me ever since.... giggles....

Sunshine :- Kitties are WONDERFUL!!! Maybe I will have another Kittie one day! I would like to in a way ;-) ... My Tabby She Cat was mostly an outdoor cat & a nocturnal hunter & would leave a mouse almost every morning on the door step for me! hehehe.... Then would spend most of the day sleeping either outdoors or indoors depending on the weather!...... When I got home from work and sat down, she would pounce on my lap & purrrrr instantly!!! hehehe<br />
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My goodness!! Your cat is spoiled with you making her chicken fajita meat hehehe .... no wonder she's the same with YOU & the only person she will cuddle with!.... awwww she sounds adorable too ;-)

Kitties are WONDERFUL!!! Why don't you want another?<br />
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My cat loves me the best too because I give her ice water & make her chicken fajita meat... she is so spoiled but I am the only person she will cuddle with. She does not go outside but she does walk me to the front door & is always waiting there when I get home.. awww..... she is the best

tenderheart08 : I was definitely that cats fav. person...

:)<br />
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and i would have to stroke kitty!

Sounds like she really loved you, I can't wait to hear more.