I rescued a tortoise shell cat a few years ago. I named her Pandora. She is so sweet. She'd bring me dead things & has a crooked tail.

When I moved from my home to my parents I took her w/ me & she became a permanently outside cat. She hunted and hid and she was happy. Then I moved out & my mom & stepdad said she could stay. They fed her & petted her when she would come around.

Then, they had to move. I still couldn't keep her & my parents couldn't take her. So, my brother & I would just go out to their house & feed her.

 Finally, a blessing came in the form of my sister's boyfriend's grandfather. His wife had recently died and they thought it would be good for him to have a low maintenance pet. My sister, bless her heart, thought of Pandora. I was stoked. She would have a human to love on her (she's a loving little thing) and we could all stop worrying about her being eaten by a coyote or some such.

I felt sooooooooo guilty for rescuing her & then coming to circumstances where I couldn't care for her. I guiltily admit that I even let her slip my mind more than once. Don't think I don't feel like a complete a$$face.

Anyway, my sister took Pandora to Grandpa's house. They were inseparable from the get go. She eats a lot (which makes me feel guilty...she always had plenty of food I thought, there were many times when I saw leftover food...) and sleeps w/ Grandpa even though he grumps about it. She also gets to hunt in a relatively safe environment now. So, I guess all is well that ends well...but I still feel like a bad person for the middle part of her life...
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Feb 25, 2008