He Is Such A Joy......and Has Just Made My Morning......

Last fall I was in a garden store to buy wild bird seed. This store, at times, takes cats from the shelter that are due to be put down. As I walked in there was a little black kitten in a cage by the checkout area. Knowing I am way too soft....I never allow myself to hold kittens...I can't bear it, and already had a great cat. But, out of my mouth...." Oh, could I please hold the baby?" it seems people don't care for black pets, as their facial features are not expressive, among other reasons. So there I was in tears and could not bring myself to put the little guy back. WELCOME HOME!

He came named 'Mr. Binx'.....and his new name...." GET DOWN!"
Binx....makes little staches....a stray rubber band....a used Kleenex fished out of the garage can....the kitchen sponge, sometimes the hand towel...the list I need. He makes me LAUGH every day. He was welcomed and is adored by my cat, Sister. Who knew she was lonesome!

This was not originally what I was going to write about....and this story is getting too long....this morning Binx started returning his ball to me....dropping it at my feet.....but, for now....just know that I am so grateful I was in the right place at the right time....and bringing Binx home, was bringing home a huge joy to me.

We love our pets....they color our world...and every grand painting ALWAYS looks better with a touch of black!
Go give your adored ones an extra treat and some lovin...... And here's one from me.....kath
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6 Responses May 17, 2012

Awe, this was such a sweet story. Thank you so much for sharing it. I love, love, love cats as well! Give mr. Binx and all of your kitties an extra cuddle from me.

Thank you, Jane. Extra cuddles all the way around! Oxo

This is even more delightful the second time around! May Mr. Binx bring you many years of continued happiness!

Hello Rubies, he is on my lap as I type this. Things have worked out well! My best wishes sent your way .....

Oh that just makes me smile! I'm so glad for you, and thank you for your kind wishes :)

Thanks for keeping him, and for the touching story.

He is adored by the other three... Well, two really. I took in my stepdad's old gramma cat after he died. Binx just can't figure out why she won't play. Best wishes to you, TE.

Awww how cute! Just like a child wanting to play with his grandma. Lovely, Kathie!

LOL!! I LOVED your story. It could even have been LONGER because the details were so cute. He sounds like an adorable little guy, and you and Sister are lucky he came into your lives.

We are so lucky....you are right,Rolle. He is busy returning his ball, so I can throw it again. Lots of personality, this one! :-)

Sounds like Mr. Binx Get Down is quite the michevious little fellow. I'm glad he was lucky enough to have been taken home by someone that can truly love and appreciate him. Even if he does hide all your flyns! ;)

Mister and I are playing ball.....I go into a different room, and he hunts me down so I can throw his ball again. It is a hoot!

He's just showing you he's in touch with his "inner dog". Maybe Mr. Binx will be the first cat with a ball fixation! ;)

This is so wonderful! He is so lucky to have you! I love these stories... and interestingly black cats/dogs are the hardest to adopt (sniff) so that is even better. I love his "new name" too, hahah.... and it's adorable that he drops his toy at your feet. I had one that played fetch...it always entertained my friends. Great story!

I didn't know that a cat would k ow to bring the ball back...I've never had a cat figure that out...thanks for reading and commenting...