I was working at an Animal Hospital. I did reception and vet assisting, basically working wherever needed. While working in the reception area one day, a lady came in our door with a box. Her arms and hands were all scratched up. She looked frustrated. She put the box on the counter, and told me "I .. I just cant take it anymore." And she left. Everyone in the reception area looked at each other like, "uuhm... ooookay." And we carefully peeked in the box.

There was this kitten! A tiny little thing. She was black with some orange on her: A Tortishell mix. And she was ALL spit and vinegar. She was looking up at us with big fearful eyes, her ears were back and she was hissing and spitting and completely stressed out. Since I had previously worked at the shelter, I knew how to handle feral cats pretty well, so I took her out of the box and just loved her!

A vet heard the commotion and she came out to see what was going on. She took the kitten and the little thing was trying to scratch her up. The vet was kind of annoyed. I think she said something like "Oh Great. Someone dropped off an un-adoptable kitten.." I said that I would take her home if no one else wanted her. The vet agree'd but said she would only let me if I had the kitten de-clawed. I didn't really agree with de-clawing but it was the Vet's say-so, so I reluctantly agreed.

When the kitten was so stressed, her eyes would be huge, and her ears back.. she looked like something out of a horror movie, so I named her Freaky. :) I worked with her for a long time, and she finally came around as a very nice cat, although a little moody, and still very vocal.

Now she is over 15 years old. Still very vocal. If you walk near her, she will make a long whining sound. But she doesn't try to scratch or bite anymore, unless she feels like you are 'messing with her'. But I don't let people do that because obviously her temperament is not good with that sort of thing. I love the cat. She cuddles up to me in my bed every night and suckled on her back toe, while purring and kneeding her front paws. ♥
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I think that was something that was meant to be.

love that cat too shes too cute