Halloween and Fools with Black Kittens

i went out on Halloween one year and saw something that almost made me cry. there was a family who was trying to give away black kittens to complete strangers. when i showed interest in one the told me i could just take him now. i told them to hold on to him and got him a week later. since then i can only feel horror about what might have happened to him. it is not wise to give black kittens away to strangers on Halloween. it is advised that all owners with black cats keep them indoors. now i wonder if that night was the last night for any of his siblings.
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This is a scary post... people actually handing away black kittens on Halloween... WOW how stupid! Where I live, they don't like to adopt black cats/kittens out in October at all.<br />
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I LOVE that you adopted one... you sound like you will give him a wonderful home; good for you! I've always found black cats to have so much personality and they are so cute:-)

i know, i did my best not to use strong language with them, but i almost lost it. they were like, "you can just put them in in your bag, make sure they can breath". their ignorance was painful, but even if a crazy did not take one, imagine if they gave it to a kid and the parents did not want it or they lost it trick-or-treating.
the owners talked about it like it was the mother cat's fault, even though she was not fixed. they never checked back on me to see if i was treating him right (i was and continue to). anyway, thanks for the comment Midnight and i appreciate it :)

"you can just put them in in your bag, make sure they can breath" - oh my god! What is wrong with some people?? I feel awful for their cat! Midnight is so lucky to have you! (cool name too)

thanks, he is sweet :)