Jester And Jurdin, The Sibbling Duo.

These two have been through so much, Jester the tortoise mix and Jurdin the black mix.
You barley see them apart.
Their story begins with them as tiny kittens, searching for food their mother was led here by the other stray I had started feeding(sally), she had recently become a mother a few weeks before.
I eventually gained her trust in a few days by feeding her, one day three kittens came following her, Jester, Jurdin, and Jack, Jack found a home a few months after they showed up.
Ever since that day the duo has stuck together, they have gained my trust, they went from being skittish to the most lovable cats ever. They are grown and healthy, eventually when I get my own home the duo will live with me and the rest of the strays, I hope they stay like this even in old age.
IvannaQuinn IvannaQuinn
Jan 6, 2013