Poor little kitty, full black, so tiny, so frail and frightened. I found her in my garden on a spring day. She looked so terrified of me. After minutes of approaching work she looked at me ... and bit my finger to blood.
But I realized that she was terrified. So I gently took her in my arms and she did not move more. I wore her into the kitchen, served a bowl of milk ... she threw herself over.
Then she looked at me with all round golden eyes ... I think we understood her and me. She started to purr and I gave her to eat (I had to remove my hand in time .. lol ..)
Well, since that day, we are the best of friends ... and my finger healed! ... lol
FreeGemini FreeGemini
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1 Response Jan 21, 2013

Awww how lovely :) I love to read about cases of happy predestination.

Glad You've appreciate. My pleasure. You're welcome :)