I Am So Glad That So Many People Are Rescuing Cats..

It really makes me feel good. It's too bad that so many are euthanized and are abandoned.. it's hard not to think about it. But hey, we will do what we can, right? I wish I could do more.. but then I'd be a crazy cat person and my house would stink and be full of cat hair. I already have 3 cats.. the last one I rescued.

I was walking home from the corner store, and this tortoiseshell started following me. I love animals, so I pet the cat a bit, and continued on home. It just kept following me, and meowing at me. I felt pretty bad for it, but I knew that I already had too many cats, and I entertained the idea that it already had a home. When I got to my door, the cat was still around my ankles, and when I opened it, the cat went inside without hesitation. I was a bit taken aback, but I let it hang around inside for a little while. Then I figured I should let it out - there's just no room for a third cat. I picked it up and put it outside, but it wouldn't leave. It just stayed with me.

I really felt for this cat, so I let it back inside. I put out some food and water, and prepared a makeshift litterbox. That night, it slept on my bed, as it has every night since. I really care for my 'Mittens', and I'm glad that we found each other. I put up posters and left information at the local Humane Society, but nobody claimed her. It was clear to me that she'd been homeless for a while just by the volume of food she ate during the first several weeks, so I felt good about my decision to keep her.

I'm glad that I saved a street cat, and I'm glad that so many others have done the same. If only we could give them ALL a home..

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i am happy that you feel that i had the same thing happened to me while i was at work - and i didnt hear anything at the moment until the guy i worked for told me that he heard a loud meow from a distance - i didnt hear anything at the moment but when it did meow you can defintely hear it and he was all alone - i think the mother abandoned it because the frontof his paw was either infected with something or broken but the guy i worked for went to get it and i told him to put it on my porch because i had to go on my delivery route and when i get home he was hiding at the side of the house under some brush and the water spout - so i put an ad on craigs list saying i found a small kitten - would you give it the care that it needs? - and the woman responded then she came to pick it up and caring for it at this moment so when we do good deeds like this it makes us feel better

Haha, I'm glad you feel that way. 3 *is* a lot, though :P There's some comfort when I add it up; cat food (their favorite name-brand (spoiled)) and litter is only about $40 a month. I am not a dog person, but I have met a couple of great dogs that are enthusiastic and good-mannered that I would be happy to keep. Too many have jumped up on me with dirty paws, and the incessant barking every other street... :P But I love them as animals, too. I would help them out as well as I could if I found one in need (unless it was chasing a cat :P).

I think that I just like cats to a fault. If anyone wanted to extort me, all they would have to do is take a cat hostage.

You're such a sweet guy!

Awww, how sweet of you! I think we need more people like you in the world.

Haha, yeah I wish I had the patience to train at least one of 'em to use the toilet.. as you said, too many boxes of **** :P<br />
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The other cats don't get along with her as well as I'd like; if I leave the house, I have to leave her downstairs (with the door closed). She picks on the other calico (light, long haired, and really tiny) if I don't keep my eye on them. It's a small house, and as you know, cats are very territorial. It's getting better though. They don't hiss at each other anymore, and they touch noses occasionally. <br />
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Wow, you have a lot of pets :P