RE: Rescue's In My Genes


Rescue?  It's a family tradition!  My mom loved cats.  My dad did, too.  They came from families who loved 'em.  And rescued 'em.  So it's only natural that, from the first, I'd do the same!  There's nothing more personally rewarding than knowing you have helped to save a precious life; and getting to know each sweet cat adds to the joy. 

Believing that all life is sacred, and that all life has One Source, it's impossible NOT to believe that in compassion and caring for all lies the answer to the "big questions" and the way to fix what troubles this world.  Won't you join us?

jmuhjacat jmuhjacat
1 Response Feb 10, 2009

OOOOOOH you have wisdom beyond your years!! :D<br />
You will fit-in here! :)))