My Dorothy

 I rescued a cat who was just as mean as I was at the time. I'll never forget the first time I heard the awful hissing from her side of the room. As a volunteer at a shelter, I'd been around angry cats, but she was absolutely terrifying. I walked over to the cage and saw something different, I saw myself in the "mean" cat at the back of the cage.


I saw someone who'd had enough of people. She'd been through loads of people who hadn't respected her, and who just didn't care enough. She had to put up the scary image to just get by, but I saw through it. I saw vulnerability in that little calico, and I fell in love immediately.


We bonded over the next few months, 

slowly but surely, we both became like the other. We both started to warm up to others, and began to let others into our lives. Three months later, that angry little cat came home with me in a carrying case, moaning the whole way home. 


although the hurt will never leave us, we both found ourselves through each other :)

thegirlwiththefatcat thegirlwiththefatcat
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awee, that's so sweet... I don't have any cats, nor have rescued one... I'm a bird person :P

Awe, that's sweet. I've rescued quite a few cats. One of them, Miss Bella, was a scared little kitten that hid for quite some time before I got her to trust me. Now I can't get the cat off of me. Glued to my side constantly. I love her to death