My Great White Fluff

I rescued my cat, Dakota from a hail storm.  He was wet and ragged.  I had seem him wondering the streets for a few weeks but, I couldn't get him to come close to me.  So, I started leaving my garage door on a crack and leaving food for him.  Every now and then I noticed little cat paws on the hood of my car.  I knew he was coming in to eat and drink.  Then on June 29, 2002, this sweet cat came up to me in my backyard.  We were having a BBQ, and he must have been hungry because he let me pick him up.  I brought him to the house that evening, which was a bit scary since I had a black lab and I didn't know how he would react.  Well, he loved this cat.  They sat behind the chair together just laying there.  That cat slept for two days without getting up.  When he did he ate like crazy.  I took him to our veterinarian, got him his shots, and we were off to the pet store.  Dakota still lives with us (7 years later), and is best friends with Montana, my black and a rescue dog.  He never tries to leave the house.  He is my great white fluff because all he does is love and fluff you.  I love my rescue kitty.   

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3 Responses Mar 12, 2009

Sounds like you have a little "alley cat gone love bug." (That's what I call my Kahlua on here. He was an alley cat for 6 months before being caught by animal control. He was practically feral when they got him and no you'd never know!)

Props to you! I know you've got to feel good about rescuing him. ;)

God bless you..