I Have Rescued Several Cats From the Local Shelter

Before I became disabled & while I was raising my children, I used to volunteer at my local animal shelter. I have rescued several cats & dogs as well from the shelter. I always kept my pets till they died of old age. Some pets that I have rescued were elderly to begin with. I always recommend that everyone get their pets frm shelters to begin with. They are animals that have already been brought into this world. They may have been born on purpose or by accident. It really doesn't matter, they are here!  They are the perfect place to go to rescue a cat!  I was never sorry that I did & no one ever had cats more loving than mine!

anitamanis anitamanis
1 Response Mar 16, 2009

I love volunteer work! I volunteer with Maine Coon Rescue (a national rescue organization) and starting April 8 I will be volunteering with my local shelter. I have volunteered with a couple of shelters in the past and am very excited to be able to do it again. Though I know when I get home my dog is going to be thinking I cheated on him. LOL!