My Misty Rescued As a Kitten

I was at my boyfriend's house for the weekend in July.  I kept hearing what seemed to me was a cat in distress.  My boyfriend kept telling me not to worry I was probably hearing cats mating.  Then that Sunday morning it was like 90 degrees already and I heard it again.  It was coming from the backyard behind his which was vacant.  I finally talked him to hopping the fence and going over to check it out.  There was a kitten trapped in a abandoned boat.  Her leg was wrapped tightly in some kind of string.  We called the police so not to get into trouble for trespassing and this policeman and my boyfriend got her out of her turmoil.  Took her to the vet and her leg was covered in maggots and so infected.  The vet was able to save her leg and she is fine now and with me.  I was so glad to be there at the right time to save her!


Pacific Pacific
1 Response Mar 21, 2009

Given the extent of damage to the leg I'm so happy that they were able to save the leg for Misty. Though I'm sure you would love her either way and she would have gotten around just fine without it.