My Rescue Kitties..

Most of my pets have always found me, especially cats. Kitties have a way of wandering into my life.  

Calvin & Hobbes I found huddled together, shivering,  in front of my apartment door on a winter morning when the temperature was below zero. They were tiny kittens who had only just opened their eyes.  My upstairs neighbor had "put them outside" when he went to work - and there was no way I was going to give them back to the creep. 

A coworker found Nerml in a paper bag at a commuter parking lot along with two other kittens who went to other homes. Nerml was the 'runt', so tiny that I had to bottle feed him for a few weeks before he could eat solid food.  For the first few months he was with me, he would attempt to nurse on Calvin (a male). Calvin tolerated it  :) 

When my last kitty went to the bridge a little over a year ago, I adopted two special needs kitties from the shelter. They both have the same special diet and the 10yr old has colitis badly enough that even on the special diet, she still has accidents from time to time. They are both sweeties though, every morning I wake up with the 10yr old sleeping on my chest, under my chin & the 2yr old curled up between my knees.

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2 Responses Jun 5, 2009

Wow, thats wonderful. You are blessed and you have so much love.<br />
I have two cats I got from a shelter. One was going to be put down that day. I just love them so much.

Thank you for what you have done.