My Very First Cat...



I want to tell you some nostalgic story when I encountered with my first cat in my life. I'm like 5 years old that time but the memories are still vivid. Like typical kindergarten girl, my mama took me back home from the nursery school. And I'm sitting outside the front door of my house around 1-2 PM. I'm waiting for my 3rd eldest brother to come back from his 1st grade primary school. He took the bus to go and return home from the school.  I'm hugging my small teddy bear as I wait and hear the birds chirp and the wind blew the grasses on the lawn.

Suddenly I heard a bus honked and I ran towards the sound and the bus came in my view, my mama always told me to stay far from the bus or any moving vehicles so I did and just stands far enough from the yellow school bus. Then my big brother jumps out from the bus and ran towards me. He smile and told me in an excited voice, "a cat followed me at the school all the time and I bet the cat followed me back home too!". I looked at him puzzled and he grabbed my hand and ran towards the door and called our mama. Of course she will tell him that there's no way a cat can follow him home because the distance from our house to the school are quite far away. But my brother denies it and mama told us both to wash our hands and eat our lunch.

As the time goes by, around 5 PM, I remembered I was playing with my crayons and scribbling some images on the paper mama gave me when suddenly I heard my big brother called out to me. I peaked out from the door and went out to where my brother was squatting in the corner of our house. He told me to be quiet because he's playing peek a boo with that cat he told me earlier. My eyes grew large as I'm beginning to squat like him and hid behind him. I'm as excited as him as we both slowly peek our head from the corner towards the other side.

I screamed in surprised when a slim orange head with big pointy ears looked at us with big yellow curious eyes. My brother tells me to calm down and we hid again in the corner. My heart beats like crazy because that's probably the first time I've seen a cat that close. But the cat was quite huge to be a normal domestic cat. My brother told me not to be scared because that cat just want to play. Just as we want to peek a boo again with that cat, we heard a questioning meow and the head peek at us in return. The cat have a very slender but long and large form. The legs are long and the long tail are pointed upwards and everything about that cat was orange in color with a little hint of white around the whiskers and the paws. The cat advances towards us as I frozen scared. Then I heard a very loud purr as she started to rub her face on our legs and hands. The gestures calms me down as I pet the cat with my brother.

After telling and asking our mama, she finally agreed to let the cat stays with our family. I'm jumping with happiness as I will have a friend to play with when I feel lonely and my brother will ask me out to play together with our new cat. From that day on, I've fell in love with the feline species and until now the love never fades. It's not a very rescuing story for the cat but more like saving me from my loneliness in my life. Even though now I don't have a cat with me, the memories of my first cat encounters still vividly clear whenever I recalled them back.

Oh and we named her 'Ibu Oren' which means Orange Mom because she's a very loving mother towards her kittens. I still remember we whole family woke up in the middle of the night when we heard loud barks of stray dogs near our house. As soon as my father went to check if the cats are okay inside the cat house, I saw it with my own eyes as Ibu Oren chased away all 5-6 big stray dogs and the dogs ran away frightened! We all like cheered for her as the dogs disappeared from our sight. Then 5 minutes later she came back with not even a single scratch on her body. At that point I believed Ibu Oren must've been a mix of the bigger cats because our house was right in front of a protected jungle barred us with high wire fences. I've seen deer and big monitor lizard coming from the holes of the fences.

Ibu Oren even caught a python once in the middle of hot noon! The poor snake's head was crushed to lumps and the length are like more than 30 inches! Not to mention she caught another 2 poisonous snake after that. Sometimes when I recall what she brought back to our house was frightening. But she's one tough mother cat protecting her kittens and telling us that snakes are dangerous. God I missed her because we have to move far away from that place and a day before we took the flight she disappeared from us with her kittens. I yelled for her to come back in tears and we never saw her after that. I prayed to God that she will go to a better place with everything she need. Ibu Oren, thank you for saving me and for teaching me the value of loving and appreciating other beings in this world. Love you, missed you..... (T_T)


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Yea, it's like almost 17 years since I met her..... Missed her so much...

You saved two lives by taking her in, yours and hers. I'm sure she's doing fine on her own, but I'm also sure she misses you the same as you miss her.

Yeah, I'd cry every time I read back this story... May Ibu Oren be somewhere better for her...<br />

^_^ wow ! :D heeeeee thats sucha cool n sweet n interestin story n memory :D :)