I Have A Rescued Cat. . A story that starts out on a negitive note yet, ends with positive outcome.

This made me smile because my cats are quite spoiled  and if they could speak, I am sure they would ask me this question. lol

About four years ago, I lived in a housing complex.  Anyhow one day, a friend of mine who lived in the same complex, came to my house and told me that so and so moved out three days ago, and she walked by and saw there was a cat inside.   For some reason I have always had a way with animals. 

She said, "We need to go get it and call the humane society."

My response was, "What do you mean, she left her cat?  She'll be back for it, right?"

Her response was, "Nope!" 

So me, being Sherry, I am putting on my sneakers, asking if we could get inside.  And off we trotted to the vacant unit.  

We arrived. The door was unlocked.  

Our first words were,  "Whewwwwwwwwwwwwww!"    All we could smell was the stink of cat urine.  We almost stepped in cat feces.  As  soon as the cat caught sight of us, it zipped up the stairs.  When we were about half way up the stairs, the cat whizzed past us like the Tasmania Devil, missing a few steps, landing on her belly, for a brief second,  before it  quickly raced again.    

The long and short of it;  We chased the cat around the unit upstairs, downstairs, back, and forth, for at least 20 minutes. Until finally we got wise and we began closing doors.  Eventually the cat trapped in the only room open; it had no where to run.  

We coaxed the cat with kind words, "Nice kitty,  Awww,  Aren't you beautiful, etc... "  But the cat did not respond.  There was a bit of hissing, enough to warn us, ""Back off!"  

My friend went to get some food, but, that ploy did not work either.  So we sat in silent mode for maybe 20 more minutes, then I laid on the floor and continued, "Come on kitty, come here."    

Unfortunately, I am extremely, way too sensitive.  Humor me for a minute.  

This cat's predicament pulled at my heart strings; I felt sorry for this poor scrawny, grey cat who had no outstanding, no attractive, or no special features.  Plain and simple, just a pure grey cat.     

I started to imagine how this abandoned cat felt.  It was all alone in the apartment.  No food.  No liter box.  No human contact for three days.  

A few minutes pass....  Me and my fried are still silent.  A  lump entered my throat.  My mind filled with thoughts about this helpless, defenseless cat, trying to fend for itself, with no access to even the toilet for water because the lid  was closed.  I felt a surge of anger.   

How could someone just pack up their belonging, and literally walk out their door, leaving part of their family behind?  By now  I am calling the previous cat owner names; heartless, bla, bla, bla....    

Seconds later my lip is doing a little dance.  Seconds after my eyes whelm up with tears, then I'm choked, tears are trickling down my cheeks, then I am weeping, then sobbing, and uttering, how could anyone be so inhumane?      

There is no one in this world who can convince me that animals have no feeling or that they are not in-tune with how humans feel because, this cat, who wanted nothing to do with me,  was suddenly beside me.      

I soon discovered it was a female, blue Russian cat which is part Siamese cat.  I fell in love with her instantly.    

Although I already had three other rescued cats at home, I did not need or want another one, I couldn't afford it.  BUT,  I was overwhelmed  with love for this cat.   This cat warmed up to me, there was no way that I was abandoning her for a second time.  From the minute this cat was at my side, we mutually claimed each other.   No way, was not going to the pound.  She was not going to someone else's house.  She was coming to my house and that was that.  

She was terrified of everyone for several months, hiding if a new person entered the room,  startled when someone raised their voice, and she ran off if anyone other then me approached her.   A week after I had her,  I  woke up to find her perched on my chest, purring and just staring at me.   She was my baby and that was the name I chose to call her; baby.   I called her baby because everyone comments, even to this day, that her meow is identical to the sound of a crying baby.      

End of story.  

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Bless You!<br />
I got my first two cats at a local pet store in a college town but my next cat was one who chose me (will post a story). A few years later I took in 5 kittens of which 1 survived. I kept her (will add her to my story). In addition to my indoor kitties I feed several outdoor kitties. All my indoor kitties are loved and the outdoor kitties love me in their own way.

Wonderful story...I can relate. I just lost my cat who was a rescue. He was only 18 months and I have no clue why he died so suddenly, in like three days. Oh well, I miss him and your story reminded me of him. Thanks for sharing....

How special you are to help an innocent animal that someone made the decision to abandon! I have 4 cats, 2 I adopted from an animal rescue, one adopted from a friend who had too many 'barn' cats, and 1 who showed up in my yard at the age of 3 weeks old. Three of them are calico cats, which I find so beautiful and unique in color and personality. I've developed a partiality to calico cats. I help with a local animal rescue and I've heard very similar stories, watched animals who have been abandoned and abused learn to trust a human again, and know how special these animals can be. It's an amazing transformation. Thank you for sharing your story.

Beautiful story. I too have rescued cats that have been abandoned. I have taken them in and made them part of the family.

Wow, Sherry, <br />
That is an amazing story, you also have a way of making the experience amazing with your words.<br />
Not everyone can let everyone else see and feel what you did by just telling of the experience but i felt like i was there with you. Thank you, and thank you for giving Baby an awsome home where she is loved. It was meant to be, not an accident.

AWWWW!!! i am an animal lover too! <br />
i am allergic to cats though although i have not always been.<br />
when i was younger we had cats all through my childhood and i think that had alot to do with why i am allergic to them as an adult. i still love to look at them from afar though.<br />
they are wonderful creatures.

Sherry, this is a beautiful story, I am so glad your "baby" has you now. It is inevitable that your kindness and compassion will be magnified and returned to you, by your new friend.<br />
I have a particular fondness for grey cats, (Russian Blues especially) and your story, despite its sad start, brought back many pleasant memories.<br />
Thank You<br />

good story. i wonder, maybe these people at least thought that the cat was outside when they left. ie, maybe they at least didn't mean to leave her trapped in the house. just thinking. it's good that you spotted her.

Yep... Siamese meows sound just like baby cries. They tug on my heartstrings too.

Wow, what a love for animal.

Great story Sherry. You are a good person.

That was a random act of kindness.. ACCOMPLISHED . Sherry isn't that one of your goals ?!!! <br />
...well ! be happy now !! Great going:)

I have many animals 4 dogs 1 cat and ..... 3 frogs... (I cannot get rid of the frogs) aTortise came past my house the other day and ... Like my fiance says ... our house is on the corner ...when they leave their home and pass our house they I guess they pack up their troubles in their old kit bag and say they on their way to a RESORT....I LOL and think "the last resort" - I have a heart and wont harm them...

I can't understand people who just pack up and leave someone behind like that. The last time I heard something like this, the family had abandoned their cat outside with a broken leg. Naturally this made catching her that much easier ... not that this was a challenge in the first place; she was a very friendly cat by the looks of it. But she ended up losing her leg because of being abandoned.

Poor cat...

People who are kind to animals have a good soul. : )

I'm a sucker for a stray cat! I have 5 and all were strays. At 4 I said NO MORE!!!! That lasted......

Most of our pets over the years were abandoned before crossing our path, and they make the most loyal companions. Our current pet is a tamed feral cat now 6 1/2 years old. Not a big cat and looks like a brown and black tabby with half a tail and large fangs. Took him 2 years before we could even pick him up and that long before he would sit on our laps. Now he is a lap cat and as tame as any other, within our family. Leash trained, too. Still skittish around strangers and will only come to "Kitty".. He has been a real blessing and I am thankful for him.

This is so beautiful and I too *know* cats have a sense which we don't have.<br />
<br />
They have such a capacity to love their rescuers<br />
<br />
I also can't believe someone would walk out the door and leave *family* behind. I feel your rage !!!!!!

Just love that story. I am a mush ball about cats too and adopt them from shelters. I am so pleased that you and your cat found each other.

At the fundamental level, I believe You realize what everyone should, that life is life, and is beautiful. There are no superior or inferior forms of life,only one, divided into many forms, and united by compassion. Thank you for sharing this story!

God bless you friend...<br />
<br />
great story....

Great story.....There's a special bond when we rescue an animal...I believe they sense it. <br />
And what a nice loving ending to a story that began with such sadness. :)