He Was Meant To Come Into Our Lives...

I absolutely love our orange kitty! He had been abandoned by someone who could no longer take care of him. He's absolutely loving and very cuddly. He's HUGE. Loves his treats. I had been looking to add another furbaby to our family and I happened to see his picture in the "rescue" section of our newspaper. Love at first sight. Unfortunately, due to poor care he does have some health issues, but we are working through them. 

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2 Responses Mar 13, 2010

My wife had always been a dog person, but hadn't had a pet in a number of years while raising kids, then one day she is going to the hair dresser and the owner is giving away kttens that had been born just outside the shop. That was 4 yrs ago and he is a main member of the family now

Pets find their owners, so I couldn't agree more that he was meant to come into your life. I only had a cat for a short time, and can't have cats anymore (my dog is NOT cat friendly) but I'm always glad to hear a successful adoption story.