1991 I Found A Two Week Old Cat In The Ditch

I only remember the exact details because this cat lived for a really long time and I loved her so much. She died at the age of seventeen and her name was Sidney. I found her when I was walking along the road. There were no other kittens around and I left her there a bit to see if the mother would come back for her as it was really nasty there but she didn't. I took her to my vet who told me her age and I had to  bottle feed her and use a water bottle for heat. I was her faux mama cat. Since that date I have always gotten my cats or dogs from shelters as I came to understand what it meant to save an animal.  I always adopt from shelters that eventually euthanize their animals, and get adult animals so they will not be euthanized, as most people get the kittens or the puppies first.

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I have two cats, both of whom were abandoned near my house by their previous owners. One was only 3 weeks old. I thought he wasn't going to make it for a while there. Now he is running circles around me and follows me where ever I go. I named him Shadoe. Dreamcatcherj, you are so sweet to take care to help the wee one the way you did. Heaven has a special place for you.

I've never cremated my cats, I bury them beneath the rose bushes so their life force can continue to blossom.

aw poor kitty. I only had2 boy cats in my life. I just preferred female cats I guess. Sidney got a disease that I was going to have her get this radiation treatment but before that was done I found out her heart was extremely enlarged and she went downhill pretty fast and my vet recommended putting her to sleep. She was the only cat that I had cremated and have her ashes in the house. Cats and dogs can both live a lot longer if people would take care of them properly like you and me and others. Take care. J

My cats are all fixed and up to date too, I had one old boy who lived to 15, poor fella was blind for the last couple of years but knew the layout of the house like the back of his paw and was really good about not sleeping in walkways.

oh geez I have had cats go up to fifteen and I have had dogs and cats since I was a little girl. Lots of people have cats that reach ninteen. Eighteen and seventeen are also really good. On average my cats live til about 14. They do not go outside and are always up to date on shots and are neutered or spayed for health reasons.

Wow! Seventeen? I had lots of cats but never one who lived that long. You're very lucky.