Consider Everything I Write Fiction

Once we get to the age that we can question what we read and are told as fact we owe it to ourselves to thoroughly research all claims for validity. That's right, everything we're told by mom, dad, gramps, grandma, uncle, doctor, school, government, etc. I believe it should be done in a respectful way. We don't even need to question the people providing the claims. We can do it politely and as discreetly as possible. And if the time arrives where you have discovered that the claims originally introduced to us are false, we really should decide to continue to be respectful in every manner if we choose to share our findings.

We all know the internet is awash with true verifiable facts, unverifiable, as well as outright lies and trash. When you Google, or type info into a search engine, the correct answer isn't necessarily the first or possibly even among the first group(s) of provided results. There are ways of manipulating where a result lands in these engines. For instance, Google is accused of placing its own interests a top of their search engine results.

The majority of my life's research occurred before the internet was available to the general population. I used public libraries, read everything available on subjects, researched other countries, and spoke with many proficient on subjects. I would scan material to insure I wasn't reading identical information written by other authors. When researching we must invigorate our intelligence and read material associated with subject, as well as collecting enormous bits of data from several sources, accumulating enough information in order to determine truth. Another words a lot of times (especially subjects that interests have spent a lot of money and ruined a lot of people's lives suppressing truth's like curable diseases and our monetary system) it's like putting a puzzle together one piece at a time until complete. Only you don't have all the pieces of this puzzle scattered before you, you must seriously search, sometimes reaching the far corners of the planet to find them!!!!  

More times than not, even while correctly attempting to get to the very core of subject we still don't always get to the truth. When that happens we honestly can only offer an evaluation and opinion on subjects. Therefore I respectfully ask that everyone who reads anything I post to view it as PURELY FICTIONAL AND FOR ENTERTAINMENT VALUE ONLY!!!!! I wish to apologize to two gentlemen who I apparently offended with two of my fictional stories. I wish to respectfully decline to publish their names. I will only identify them by some of the stories they posted here on EP. One of the upstanding members shares with us that He Has Never Sucked A Man's Penis But Fantasizes About Doing It One Day Soon, Badly!! The second fellow States that he's a "sailor" or wants to be one and corresponds about Having Sex With His Blow Up Doll Wife Every Single Morning Because His Penis Nerves Are More Sensitive At That Time And She Never Plays Hard To Get, Ever, And He Enjoys Wearing Ladies Panties Because He Can't Find A Pair Of Men's Drawers That Are Wide In The Waste And Small Enough To Hold His Genitalia In Place.

Upon observing their comments to two separate posts of mine, I honestly believe they were both reading another story and accidently posted on these stories because their comments made absolutely no sense, and were in no way related to the subjects I wrote about, Or perhaps they are two ignorant fools who don't understand how to comprehend what they're reading. I have advised them to find someone who is proficient in reading comprehension to read to them in the future, as well as perhaps exchanging phone numbers with each other for a future rendezvous!!!

I like EP as a forum where we can "respectfully" post whatever we desire without being attacked for the content. Perhaps we should read, choose to agree, disagree, like, or dislike, while leaving respectful comments, or learn how to elect to leave no comments. Perhaps we should adopt the philosophy that if we don't have something respectful  to reply, don't reply at all. Or if we do reply, at least know what the f#ck we're writing about!!! I believe that blogging is about finding blogs that have identical views and discussing subject with peers. Or when visiting a blog with a contrasting view either refrain from replying or do it civilly. Especially considering your not going to sway their view and you'll be labeled a TROLL if you reply derogatorily. And for the two imbeciles I offended, Go Suck One, And F#ck Your Plastic, Vinyl, Rubber, Wife You Sick Bastards!!!!!!!!!!   .  .
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This made me laugh so hard!!! Thank you so much! I love that you research everything. I dont know if ur M or F. But either way that is cute in a nerdy way-(not flirting) I should be a better researcher myself thank you for inspiring improvment:) -also not flirting-I dont know how to flirt anyway.

Your welcome!!!
I'm a man!!!
Researching just insures we can get to the truth, and if we can't find it we know that we shouldn't claim to know the truth or regurgitate it regardless if we learned about it from someone else. I believe It's the right way to handle information!!!!!!!

Ahoy there Tmajor, They must have really peeved you off for you to "blow up" like that. and would you please leave my wife out of this, you have deflated her ego ;-)


what does Grazie mean?

I'm brushing up on my Italian!!!

ah of course I asked around yesterday and found out it was italian!

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This is good advice and very funny. You are polite not mentioning your fans names.