My Father, The Islamic Terror

          First let me say that I have nothing against the religion of Islam, I actually think it is a very beautiful and modest thing. However, my father should have never become a Muslim. He is so filled with hatred. He has a lot of problems. First let me tell you, he is a white guy that thinks he's black and can't stand the fact that he is what he is. He has this thing that a woman isn't cute or attractive if she isn't "of color". WTF! Well, my mother was black and I'm mixed. However he wants me to call myself black, which I never do because I'm not black. I don't have anything against black people but just because you less than half of a race does not mean you have to call yourself that. I do tell people what I'm mixed with because its factual, its not factual that I'm black. I am a person, not a color.

          My father got married to an amazing woman that I believe should put her foot down more often. He is so mean to her children and treats his children as if they walk on gold, me and my sister Aseeyah. He punches them, pulls their hair, and talk belligerently to them. Its quite pathetic really, I mean people need to grow up. Your 35 mate, your time has come. He is always saying that the boys, the children, will be thugs or do drugs or be pimps. I secretly think that is because he wants to be black and he expects people who are black to be walking stereotypes. He even told me and my step-mom that we aren't "black enough" because we don't talk improperly or follow the black trends.

         Another thing with my father is that he is crazy, I mean seriously crazy. He gets mad at the stupidest things... I swear he has like bipolar disorder or multi-personality. And another thing that annoys me is that he just wants to up and leave every few months. When you have a family you need stability. He wants to be a family man but he truly sucks at it. He makes assumptions about people that he doesn't even know.

         I truly can't stand him.

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sorry your dad is an ***