I Know He Knows.......

i feel i am at a crossroads in my life. I want to be alone and i no longer want to be married (or atleast be seperated). I have been with my husband since 19 and i am 27. We are growing apart and i rezent him because i have explained to him that i think we should live apart and he acts so hurt and then i turn around and say nevermind. He knows i put him before myself and he doesn't care if i am with him even if im not in love with him anymore. I don't want to hurt anyone. I just want to be alone. We have 2 children but i have been with him long enough for the kids...when is it my time?
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Not at all. I just really had to dig deep to learn to appreciate my life and family. When i did that i stopped being depressed and my marriage blossomed. I am so happy right now. I will do whatever it takes to stay in this place.

do other guys still catch your eye

I spoke to my husband last week and we agreed to live apart. We decided to talk to my 7yr old daughter about it and she cried for hours after we told her. It made me feel like I couldn't do it. My husband even cried. I just decided to stay. At the end of the day my life is nothing compared to my children and he is a wonderful father. I guess I just am not living for me...it's for them. I am trying my best to learn to accept that no matter how hard it is.

*hugs* I hear ya. Whenever I talk about the in satisfactions in my marriage to my husband they always somehow get pushed under the rug and ignored. Nothing ever changes. I wish I could separate for a while too. I wish I was brave enough, and I sometimes think I should just up and do it so that he sees I'm serious when I say I want sth to change. I'm getting ready for conversation number one though, in about 2 weeks time, I mean, I still love him- and I just recently started feeling out of love. *sighs* But I just don't see how someone can stay in a marriage and sleep side by side every day if u are not in love with that person. I, myself, refuse to accept to live like that, and God help me if after fit´gating this fight, things stay the same, I am leaving. Even if it means flying across and ocean and getting back my old life.

What happened with this? DId you ever talk to him?