I'm So Glad We Had This Time...... (time To Move On)

together group.... just to have a laugh or sing a SONG..seems we've just get started and before you know it.....COMES THE TIME TO SAY...

NO, but really I initially started out in this circle/ group to blog & VENT!!

It has helped and paid off to now I have really hit REALITY and come to the realization that...... YES I DO HATE MY HUSBAND NOW MORE THAN EVER! EVER!

I hate him soooooooo that I am again pursuing getting a DIVORCE. Yes again, he mentally abuse me until I was guilt-ridden in thinking I couldn't make it nor would my kid LOVE ANYMORE!

I am starting my divorce withinthe coming days. And so this group has enlightened me that my prevalent emotion of HATRED, must now be fueled with DETERMINATION to LEAVE.

I gotta move on, if I don't the hatred will self-destruct me.

I am learning to deal with my anger. He tells me I am resentful... To %$#$ with him- who cares!

So rather than me harp on the fact I HATE MY HUSBAND. HATE, HATE HIM. I think its best to end my rage here & write about other ways of improving myself so I wont be a person FULL OF HATRED.

I am ending the section here, ending this phase of my world. But you can find me at other sites, a tother cirlces, on other groups talking my pain, hurt and love away and how I'm dealing with it!

until the next go-round ....KEEP YOUR ANGER in checked,

& SO LONG ( it's a carol burnett closing theme song I ADORE)  
chie5189 chie5189
May 21, 2012