Being Tested Sucks

I'm at the beginning of husband who is on a visa until his greencard comes through....has recently lost his job and is also in the middle of back surgery recovery from playing Rugby....he is just having a hard time finding a good recruiter....but in the meantime I don't feel like he is really trying....and he isn't taking care of his health....he gained lots of weight and isn't doing much agout it...I feel like I'm not getting the life he promised...or the man he was.....I know he is feeling defeated and helpless but I can't take care of us forever and I'm beginning to have second is getting too hard.
Brooklynlady Brooklynlady
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2 Responses May 6, 2007

Dear Brooklyn Lady,<br />
God sent your husband to you perhaps because you and only you have what it takes to care and love him. I pray that someday your husband will look back and recognize that you are his golden treasure. I pray that things will soon improve for you. God loves the patient.

Oh no! Ouch! You don't deserve this. I have experienced something similar. Since you are at the beginning, maybe if you open up the lines of communication and ask him what his plan is and if there is anything you can do to assist. On the other hand, back injuries and surgeries do take a long time to heal. This is not fair to you at all. Would he be there supporting you if the situations were reversed? Also, when he does heal, does he have the same earning power you have?