Whats Wrong With Me?

I have many incidents that make me resent my husband but the most current situation is this : My husband has been experiencing problems with his prostate which he says has decreased his sex drive. He went to Dr once, got medication and it seemed to help. He says we can't afford for him to go back (self employed/no insurance) he says he's got it under control. Not. The problem is he makes NO effort to please me sexually what do ever, yet I found on his computer that he looks at **** daily. Now tell me ...if your not interested in sex, your not interested in watching sex. Right? I've told him I knew about it. I also explained that it made me feel really rejected. Now, he just seems to hide it a little better. I don't know what to do.
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1 Response Jan 23, 2013

Not sure if your interested in watching **** but you can suggest let's watch it together so both can be arouse and go from there. I know some don't care for it but if he so tune into it I would want to know why instead of a physical touch of his own wife. I watch **** with my husband all the time and by the second act or scene we already on each other and don't even pay attention to the DVD.

I would try to talk to him again and let him know you to want that passion, that attention, that touch he craves to watch on the computer. Ask him whats his desires, fantasy, he looking for something......Or he might feel insecure since he been having issues and don't know how to talk to you about it. Hope things get better for you.