I Resent Mine Too

My husband does not respect me. I have asked him to not smoke in the house and he will not listen to me. He does not help around the house. It's like I live alone. We redone our living room and i did 90% of the work and I'm just not getting over being tired from it. We never have sex cause I stay mad from lack of help.

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5 Responses Feb 3, 2007

yep sounds like my husband too. wont help, lays on the couch all the time, drinking his beer and smoking. i feel like i am living with a roommate instead of a husband. we don't have sex. i resent him every day. i have health problems that makes it hard for me to do anything, and that doesn't even get him to get off his lazy butt to help me. everything piles up, and when i do get started doing things. he wants me to stop and do something that he wants me to do. like cook him some lunch, grab him a beer, the list goes on. if i denied him of all of this he gets mad at me. and it causes a nightmare. that is why i am taking the steps behind his back to get money up secretly so i can get out of this situation, i have already wasted enough of my life with this man. i suggest you do the same.

My husband is LAZY. He goes to work and that's it. He could care less about being denied nookie. I'm sure it's too much "work" for him. If I "give up" and let things go hoping he'll step up, things get so backed up and then I have twice the work and can never get caught up. His pot habit is out of control and his pill habit cost us our home. I fee like I'm married to a 9 year old!! And everybody wonders why I don't want kids!!

I have come close to loosing our home I believe due to his drug habit. he borrowed money from his parents and sold my nice jewelry

I wish that would work - I wish my wife would do that. All the little things pile up and then what - such a mountain of rubbish that no one can get around. I try to reduce one piece at a time but it seems to pile up quicker than I can get rid of it...

Now that you've denied him the nookie, find one minute thing you can compliment him on and give him sex over it! When you're done blowing his mind and his... er, other parts, tell him sweetly, " That's for doing..... Imagine what I'd do if you did the dishes tomorrow!!" If that doesn't work... GET A DIVORCE QUICK!!