Worthless Husband


Do I resent my husband? That is such minuet word for my feelings. I have been married for 3 yrs, together for 6. When I first moved in to his house (I should had known better), I sold my house, and help pay off some of his debt that I was unaware of. Just so months afterwards he declares bankruptcy! Intimacy – romance.. none. He seems it is a chore. When I bring it up, at least the intimacy he says it is all him, not me and I’m wonderful. Oh YAH! When I have to beg, or wait 6 months I take it personally. All we been doing is argue. He rather play ”IWON” on the internet then even talk to me. When I need to talk he isn’t listening. Right now, he is sitting at the kitchen table as I’m typing this and acting as he is uncomfortable. Which I’m sure he is, but wtf, can’t he sit on the sofa with me. He got all pissy when I said things are not working his way (past 2-3 yrs) with the bills and things need to be reduced. Now he is saying he acting like there is nothing to do – take a freakin walk – loose that stomach. He really doesn’t have any friends. If I go out – especially shopping – he has to come along – insists. But he makes my outings miserable. Yet he is able to do all the errands by himself. I can’t remember the last time I went grocery shopping, he believes it is a waste of money to buy in bulk, blah blah. So let shop a little bit everyday! When I bring up anything with the bills, he becomes defensive – I have tried every way to talk about this. I think I should know about the bills. I at a time in my life paid my bills. I know currently our situation sucks – cut back on hours and such. I have to go back to school to keep my job – so I’m applying for grants and all I can – I work two jobs, but yet he cannot even talk or hold a conversation with me. Now I really don’t give a crap. He can’t do anything. I’m hoping writing this out I will feel a bit better. I have 3 children from a previous marriage, there I cannot complain, he treats them wonderful! What tics me off is everyone else thinks he is a wonderful, quiet person. I’m like live with him. He’s a slob, dresses like one, and his only life is going to work, coming home playing the computer, and making sure it is miserable and crabby at home. I just can’t stand to be near him. But the house! Come on now.. I know he has bad credit, I have suggested, gotten applications.. lets remortgage… not one thing..he won’t do it. To top it off… the house isn’t in my name so I can’t do anything. And yes I have tried. When I suggest something he just says.. can’t nobody will finance me. But he hasn’t even applied. My bathroom sink is totally clogged.. but I need the wretch power to open the pipes… a 1yr later… nothing… we can’t use the sink. My shower handles are spraying water.. washers need to be replaced, yet I need the muscle to wretch it to open… nothing… I do have all the tools.. I BOUGHT THEm. closet door to be rehung, I have fixed it a million times.. nothing. My bathroom tub upstairs.. when draining.. leaks into the basement bathroom (the one with the sink and shower problem). I tell him about mold ( I work at a hospital), he says.. just keep cleaning it, nothing I can do. Yes there is! USE your FREAKIN muscles to help me here. My dryer has be broken for months… I found out how to fix it, nothing. So what am I to do when it is winter… I can’t use the clothesline.. and so pay tons of coin for drying (which I will have to do). To me he just isn’t a man. Sounds weird, but my dad and brothers fixed everything or at least tried! He doesn’t even do that. He doesn’t try to fix the bills, doesn’t think about the future nothing. I’m just so f.. tired of it. He is just so worthless. I feel like he lied to me, I dated a great guy that could do anything.. then I moved in…. MEN SUCK!
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This guy has a problem I am surprised he is okay with your three kids. However DONt TRUST him with them alone !!

yea, kick him the hell out