I Can't Make My Mom Happy.

Whatever I do or say I can't see to make my mom happy. I've an older sister, she's gets bitter or gets in a bad mood because she hasn't had a man in more than 3 years. I don't see how's the my fault, like every time I tell my mom something good that has happen to me she completely ignores me. I hate that she can't be happy for me :( I feel like she rather have good things happen to my sister than me.
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My mother is the same. I didn't know that she played me against my brother. I thought it was normal behaviour. Scapegoat and golden child. I was the golden child but now my brother is married and has a child, he's the golden child and I am excluded from family gatherings so she can spend time with him. I get pushed out and treated like a second class citizen. It doesn't help that I am adopted and he is her natural son. Luckily her poison hasn't turned me against my brother but he doesn't stick up for me.

Sorry to hear about your relationship with your Mum, I hope you both find a common ground to sort things out.

Thanks I know she loves me and I love her too but at times she makes me wish I wasn't alive.

I guess you have to bear in mind that we tend to parent the same way we were parented perhaps it is the best way she knows how to and the older we get the more we are unwilling to change. Just hang on in there, I believe love always wins with time.