I resent My mother.
My parent Divorced when I was 10 yrs old.
Me & My twin lived separatedly from our other two younger siblings as a result of their separation.
We were brought up by two different guardians and only now after we have our own families that we shared special (4girls) bondage and sisterly loved for each other.

After our parent separation, mom visited us once a year and Father at adhoc surprised visits and dissappeared again as quickly as they come.
As Father passed away for many years now, mom returned into our lives only after we're capable of taking Care of ourselves independently.

We're married and have our own Families now, however noticed mom is getting more attention seeker as we think she's understandably must hv felt unsecured that One day we might left her as what she did to us long time ago, when we were young and need her the most.

Nothing wrong with the attention, afterall being the eldest I had promised to My beloved Guardian bef their passing, to care for My mom if she's not re marrried at her old age.

Unfortunately, it's only now that i know My mom's true color,
1. She can be a controlled freak.
2. Manipulatives with her words and symphathetic way.
3. Hurts people around her with her sarcastics words (especially her children )when she's unhappy for what ever reasons.
4. Indirectly reminded us on our religious responsibilities and obligations towards her as our mother or otherwise there"ll be Karma and misfortunes later in our lives for neglecting her.
5. She always assumed that her children should be able to support her in times of sickness, physically (run errands) and financially all the time.

Overtime My siblings get bored & ignored her ridiculous attention and demands. In anger situations we did sometimes confronted her, but She acted that She didn't hear and changed the topic.

So now, I'm the first person She's heavily depended on. Hwever, Mom still hurts me with her sarcastics remarks and attitudes, and I feels like leaving her whenever She did that to me, coz I believed I don't deserved this anymore.

I love her, but afraid that i might leave her One day for the sake and happiness for My own family and in order not to drive myself into depressions situation.

Hope there's others out there with same situations like mine and perhaps share or giv some good advice.thank you
uulalaa uulalaa
41-45, F
Aug 17, 2014