I'm in my late 20's this story is hard for me to admit but I cant help to feel I need to express my feelings after holding them in. My mother first is a good person. I don't hate her. I have strong resentment towards her. My reason are based off of what she has done.

My older brother in life was and still is difficult. She helps him raise his kids, she helps out with money, she helps him out with basically anything that comes his way. My younger brother and I really do not depend on her for much since we were younger we noticed the way she treated him versus the way she treated us.

As you can see where the theme of this story is my mother when she is in a dilemma depends on me or my younger brother. She frequently ask to borrow my car something she did not help me get. She knows I got a promotion at work and takes it as a chance for us to go shopping.

Because my achievements somehow are all thanks to her when she didn't help me with ****. I worked hard for everything I have. And I hate the fact she thinks that she's entitled to what I earned without her help. It disturbs me when she comes to me asking for help.

It sends me into a enclosed rage I do not let her see it. Because besides that I love her and I don't want to hurt her feelings but I sometimes I just rather not have any type of communication with her. I try to tell myself that I need to get over it but I cant seem to achieve that logic within my mind.

Thank you for reading

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Although my situation is different to yours I can completely see where your resentment is coming from. My sister is a evil cow who has bullied me my whole life and in the past five years has tormented me to the point she triggers off my eating disorder. My mum and dad let her run the roost everywhere and are happy to see the stuff she does to me and yet my mum runs to me when my sister upsets her.

I agree with ceywat, you need to talk to her because the longer you hold it in the worse that anger burns inside of you. I should know it's taken me a awfully long time to stand up for myself.

Just one note. Don't expect any gold stars for speaking out. you'll probably get a negative response from your mum. But for your own peace of mind you need to voice it regardless of the backlash (which I pray you won't get).