Slowly But Surely.....its Happening.....

Its amazing how in this day & age people still have no idea of what "a new world order" means. You talk about it, and they say, "so"...."whats wrong w/ that".... I cant help but to look at them and laugh.

there are so many orginazation in place, right now, to form a new world order. To name a few: CFR, NAFTA, Builberberg,  trl-lateral commission, world bank, Rockafella org., JP morgan, etc...... SO many....and last but not least.... the UN. The UN has its own guidelines and constitution. If we were to become a one world gov't, the UN's constitution would supercede ours......

Here's the layout: 1st. form unions. European Union, african union, asain union, south american union, north american union. Then once those are in place, start forming greater unions until there is only one union.

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Amazing how totalitarian our country has become, isn't it? We're like, *half a freakin' inch* from total dystopia.

The illumni already won the game of risk.<br />
The next step is to get the world's population down to a size they think is sustainable and easy for them to control.<br />
And what I have read is they would enjoy to have around 2.5 billion for total world population.

guys, heres the deal. tick tock tick tock. time moves on and things change. and hell are you aware that everything you post on here and anywhere else on the net is tracked. no matter how unimportant or small it might be its still tracked. soo now all of you that claim to resist it are now marked im sure. mention of your food and amo??? realy??? think about what your saying and the infoemation that the gov. can get about you. just saying without saying to much if that makes any sence.

Everyone knows: "New World Order" is just a slogan Prez Bush made up. "Nothing to see here, folks. Move along." Until the trap springs! <br />
<br />
Then everyone knows what it really means: Slavery of all! <br />
(Except for those one hundred thousand, or so, who receive ALL the goodies!)

No one knows what the mark of the beast is at this time. The mark does not come into play until Jesus returns to earth, read Rev ch 14. I expect that is why Jesus never mentioned it to us. <br />
<br />
If you study you will find that the major part of the chosen ones will not be here when that happens. Only a few will face the mark of the beast and as spoken in prophecy they will reject it. Therefore no child of God or chosen one will be marked.<br />
<br />
There is nothing to fear about this. So many false teachings have lead people to fear what they do not understand.

I heard that the mark of the beast, being 666, is the information on bar codes. Look at any bar code, the beginning, middle, and end are all 2 thin tall lines, the computer reads this as a 6. 666 is in every bar code, and therefore in the rfid chips that contain them. Therefore when the rfid chips become implants on tracking bracelets or implanted in the skin, the mark of the beast will be on the children of God.

thats why all religions should preach revilations.I give you credit for reconiseing this but do you know how it will play out.first of all the main computer in washington is nicked name the beast. bar codes are all ready in animals. in other words [THE MARK OF THE BEAST] means you will not buy or sell without it. sounds familuar.. the bible is dead on with this prediction.the 6 6 6 will be six numbers from your drivers lic. six numbers from your social.and the six numbers from your birth day.and yes yout birthday has six numbers.counting the advice is stock up on nonpariables foods and bullets. yes bullets being the only one around with will have to protect it with your this sort of whats on your mind?.would be glade to hear from you

I am with you brother

We are all slaves if we do not resist