Refuse To Give In

I have several things I want to share about ungodly conduct.
The best way to address any subject such as this is to leave out the opinions.
Therefore here is what I base my decision on
Proverbs 1:10 says, My son (anyone), if sinners entice thee, consent thou not.
Clearly this is resisting ungodly behavior. If a ungodly person trys to seduce you by words action inappropriate behavior?
Do not go along with them.
Proverbs 4:14&15 says, Enter not into the path of the wicked, go not in the way of evil men.
15/Avoid it, pass not by it, turn from it,and pass away.
Simply put- When you know what is right do not! Deal with ungodly people playing games with them. Entertaining ungodly conduct by smiling is far from resisting it. If you KNOW that this person is ungodly stay away from their grounds.
Evil associations will cause a just man to become defiled. Avoid evil activities when a child of God finds evil activity amusing they are heading for trouble fast. Resist it meaning don't take part consent sometimes just mean saying yes when someone askes you "Isn't that right." Never agree with people with mixed emotions about God. The bible says bitter water and sweet water are not in the same fountain (James3:11) in other words people that talk against part of the truth and talk against the rest that they cannot accept are dangerous associates.
~~I am resisting evil by taking this stand and displaying this experience I have been really dealing with lately. What I have observed is the enemy really don't care how he gets your soul or get you out of doing God's will in your life. He just want the prize (to win)
I have been experiencing the enemy trying to come in the name of Love. What do I mean? Well what I have noticed for a while is when the adversary realizes he cannot stop certain people of God's with just anything this cause despairation and he seeks other indidvuals that can get close to you. How can one get close to you (You LOVE them) See the adversary the devil is a powerful spirit if he can find someone that will work with him in what he intends to do. Well then if he can send someone to some one you love because they may know of them and you may not. Ex: Co-worker! Can talk to your family memeber because they work together but the enemy has found that he can use them to get through your love one to you by Evil influencing. This is a very prayful situation BEWARE! Your love one may not even be able to see what the enemy is doing. No matter which way the enemy come he CANNOT in anyway out smart the HOLY SPIRIT! The HOLY SPIRIT will reveal your enemies to you then you must fast and pray against the enemy and his plan. Overcome the devil by resisting anything from anyone that is not of God and His Will! James 4: 7 Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.~~
Babeondwy Babeondwy
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1 Response May 16, 2012

Well to God be the Glory! I am going through this exact situation as I speak but what I have and is learning to press hard to fight depression and any other negative vibes that our adversary tries to throw at you! I know that I am experiencing this somebody somewhere else is too. See the devil uses people! He uses humans and he's trying hard now to make you depressed I really dont know how old yr son is but he should put his personal life on ice long enough to console his mother going through her hardship! He can pick up on the personal life later nothing but God and you should be on his mind nowe because when all goes wrong with him? You will have to hold out your strong arm to help him. Its sad I am so sorry he cannot see your needs evenmore you shpould not even have to open your mouth he should be able to see all this! Yelp the enemy is using the same trick on you perhaps I will pray for you I will mediate and pray to God for you! I promise you our God will make it better he has to because I wouldnt have known in1000 years that someone in my circle needed this but the Holy Spirit gave us the connection and Lets agree in Jesus Name that God bring a change in our situations you pray that mines be changed and I will pray for yours. The bible says where two or three agree in my Name I will be in the mist. Amen!