I Cant Stand Rape

I think a murderer has more rights to live than a rapist... Rapist scar people for life... making them wish they were dead.. or making them live with the torture and pain... rather than Just dieing... What do you think?

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Im sorry to hear that but i do understand, my husband does not get it either he thinks it would suck but he would be able to move on he makes fun of me b/c if we are watching a move with a rape scene i will turn it off or fast forward it the movie last house on the left pissed me off and i couldn't watch it, i dont know why i bothers me so bad but it does as far as just seeing it on tv but still i cant handle it so i know i would be screwed for life if it happened to me! But i have to say your mother is a strong person to live with it all these years and i hope she can work through everything that has happened to her b/c i dont know that i could!

Completely agreed.. But he probably will never get that comment.. such a horrible thing.. Ive never been raped.. But I am person of understanding.. And I understand mental pain and torture.. My mom was raped... and over twenty years later.. she just did something as simple as remembering what happend.. and had to go to the hospital because she broke down so hard... tried to kill herself over something that had happened twenty years before..

This comment is for gasspass123 the reason you say that is because you are a man! if i was rapped i would want to die it seems that alot of men dont understand just how bad and nasty it is to be rapped by someone it really screws people up would you want to be held down while some nasty greasy guy screwed you in the *** no you wouldnt and i bet you would want to die after it has nothing to do with sex you idiot i know alot of people have killed their selfs after it happened to them so dont comment on something you know nothing about!

So you would be fine with some greasy fat hairy old man shoving his large ******* **** in your ***, violently.. of course its painful.. Oh.. but your willing.. There is more pain in rape than in death.. psychical.. maybe not as much.. but still bad.. a woman being ****** dry hurts like hell.. the mental pain they go through is nothing you could even begin to understand.. the feeling of violation, wishing yourself of death.. too ashamed to mention it to anyone.. so embarassing.. to yourself.. the pain of wanting to die.. and possibly kill yourself.. (death included in this) you are afraid to have sex,, being violated in such a way does way more than I can put in words.. death is just a short process.. but rape is life long torture..

WHAT THE ****?!? no one wants to die id rather be raped then killed ya know what it wouldnt be rape because.... I want it! THATS RIGHT! i want sex lol.... so it wouldnt be cconsiderd rape anyway

WHAT THE ****?!? no one wants to die id rather be raped then killed ya know what it wouldnt be rape because.... I want it! THATS RIGHT! i want sex lol.... so it wouldnt be cconsiderd rape anyway

I agree.. its much harder to live than to just die

I agree. But rapists shouldn't be killed. They should be given the taste of their own medicine. They should be raped over and over again, and then locked away somewhere alone, with no human contact. That'll teach them.<br />
Sometimes death is the easy way out...

Im glad someone understands.Its much worse to leave someone scarred than to leave someone dead.. sure they are both bad.. But its just leaving someone to hurt themselves.. and leave them in pain.. its just as good as torture.

i completely agree. i support the death penalty ever since i met the person who raped someone i am very close to. unfortunately, i don't feel the death penalty is given to the right people always.<br />
<br />
i know that rape makes people come very close to killing themselves (or actually doing it), can lead to drug abuse, alcohol abuse, depression, and so many other problems. i've never hated someone so much.