The guy has a difficult row to hoe and he has stayed the course despite his numerous detractors in the press howling after him like a pack of striped-*ss baboons . . . just remember the single most hated President in the history of the United States was a man named Abraham Lincoln - he was accused of being a military dictator and his accusors had valid reason to their claims.  Half the country was out to kill him and in the end they succeeded, and for over a hundred years he was viewed as a tyrant and a barbarian down here in the South.  Yet despite all this today if you go to Washington DC the greatest monument in that beautiful city is an enormous Greek temple dedicated to the memory of the man so many hated for so long.

I'm not saying Bush is Lincoln, but consider how he will be viewed through the context of history.  Everything said about Bush was said about Winston Churchill during HIS lifetime, and he went down in history as the man who saved Western Civilization.  Thank God we had Bush on 9/11 and not the alternative - Saddam's rape rooms & torture factories would still be in operation and Osama bin Laden would be a nuclear-armed terrorist.   

sturmbringener sturmbringener
46-50, M
Jun 26, 2007