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Now you know who the people are who literally have nothing better to do then to spend their time harassing Joph on the internet.
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i've had enough with people like you.<br />
<br />
i dont agree with some of Jophiel's views, he has not blocked me, he has people in his circle who share different bleiefs that he does, he has not blocked them. the people who he has blocked, who continue to slander him, have been obessed over him, harrased him constantly to the point he has been forced to block them. <br />
<br />
and his sexism? he is friends with women, and he claims to be against femenism, well so what, so am i. and yet, nearly all of my circle is filled with women, and i have only ever gotten along with women who have never seen me as a sexist, on here or on real life or anywhere. and in knowing jophiel, and in knowing women who know jophiel, they have never seen him as sexist....you have no truth. you are merely like the others..

For the first, my comment did not harbor any ill will on that other world experience, I just told him it seemed we were from a similar world, then he attacks my words and ignores what I really write and blocks me so I can not reply on his weary annoying words. I did not care for him before he blocked me, I still do not care, I just seek justice and wanted him to know that me and him are not the same, then I saw he was fooling around playing angel, then I got pist on his sexist topic which he agrees on.
I point out his many flaws as in the nature of a angel should be, that he has not.
Let me ask you... what is feminism? TELL me what it really is. For somehow it seems like you do not know what feminism is.

Who am I? I do not harbor hate for him, but he is a itchy little mosquito wound I can ignore completely if I please. If I was like others, tell me, would that be bad? And why would it be bad? Who are these others you speak of? If you believe me or not it is up to you, as said only god will judge in this world, I am only a messenger of truth, not a angel. In the end he will be judged, but I will not let lies make people think his words true of how angels are. For that I care to much. The truth, be it cold as ice or burning in flames, it can not be changed.

Alright so all i got from that, is that you feel Jophiel, blocks people because he doesn't want to answer people? i have never seen this, happen durign the time i have known him, and in all the stories i have read thta he has written and he has commented on. so wheres the proof? <br />
<br />
i've never seen him declare himself god at all, and your opinion that he is not an angel, that is your own ba<x>sed on apprantly your own opinion of him, anyone else could just as well claim that you are not a demon and bring up various factors, that they know the devil or god or wtv. you seem to of come out of the blue and dont really even know him at all.

First of all...
I do not go out of the "blue". Just read his topics on your own, specially that sexistic topic of his... a dark bound snake, he is not a angel. He lacks what angels have, that is all the prof I need to give, and if you see it not yourself your blind. And yeah, he blocked me because he was irritated on my reply (do check his topics on your own)
No angel act as he, for they are beings of light, of calm the springs, like the unwavering seas upon the sky, he holds not their grace, none of their traiths, none of what god have given them to live by.

Be whatever I might be I fare not with lies. Name me what pleases you and be done but he is no angel as I know them. I am here to prevent future missuse of the angels names, of gods name for as they are my enemies my honor bound do not look take them lightly and someone that dares look down upon them shall not be forgiven. He does not know god, he does not know angels, I can't stand to watch someone like him sully them any more. I don't know more than what I need to know, and that is the truth. I am not alone to percive him like thus, and I am not talking about anyone I know about on EP, but of true angels out there in this world right now, helping people which are kind. Angels who each day never shows a deaf ear.
I care not to explain. Give it your own mind and think on your own, use your own mind and ask your "god" what is true.

Being against feminism does not make me a sexist, not by any stretch of the imagination. If that is the "dirt" you have on me, then I was right when I said that you don't know the fist thing about me.

You don't know the first thing about me, barlong. You seem to be projecting a bit...

I don't got time for hate, but I get irritated at people avoiding peoples answers by blocking them.<br />
Do not look down on this world supposedly "archangel"jophiel... I do not like your contempt for this world or that you missusse angels with your additude. My reasons are simple, if he do not like being talked back to, he should not care to write at all. This world, as it have millions of millons of different lives, minds and thoughts, if he was a angel he would show understanding or not really care. Angels do not get offended by all and everything... it's a shame he ruins their reputation. <br />
<br />
This world is a place of beauty, and if you do not like this world Archangeljophiel, then why did you chose to live as human in this world? Living is a choise is it not? Your "god" always leave it up to his "children" to chose. Why do you sully your "god"? Why do you deny others to talk? "God" worshiped freedom did he not, so why do you fight "gods gift" in humans?<br />
<br />
*now I will go back to not care at all for any of this, though I am pointing out why some most likely will never like him. If anyone cares for their religion, they would not follow a angel that claims itself god. Angels know their place, therefore you are not a angel Archangeljopihel.*

So he believes differently then you. He believes differently then me too. What's your point. Are you suggesting that having a difference of belief is a good reason to attack? I make some pretty blatant statements but you will find that, I refer to my perspective alone. I do not assume that insulting others just because they have a different perspective is ok. Who's right, who's wrong? Who gives a ****? It's your intentions that matter to the people around you. Taking things so personally is a good way to raise your blood pressure and loose your wits. Let people be who they are. Quit pretending you know what's good for the whole world. Nobody will buy it.

Say that to archangeljophiel, I do not insult, but draw forth facts. If people gets crazy over a comment then it's obviously because of lacking to regard this world and it's inhabitans like equals. Angels always consider everyone a equal and do not act out of agression or idiocy. I am not angry, but irritatted that someone dares to insult angels by proclaiming themself a angel when they obviously are not. I do not know the good for the whole world, no, that is true. But I know the kindness of angels, I know "god" and this is what makes me react the worst. Archangeljopihell condemn this world with wrath and his pride is the worst I have yet to behold in any angel. He uphold two of the deadly sins on his own, so he is no messanger of god or any angel, for he use what "god" himself would get gosebumps of. If he once was a angel, he no longer should be considered one. It's not for myself personaly, but I hate to see innocent being lied to in such a cruel way.

He is perhaps a person and can be who the hell he wanna be, but it should be known that he is not a true angel. My intentions is simply to prevent others from believing his lies and tell others the truth. What you make of it is up to you, but you are given a choise.

Isn't it fun. You have Jophiel who is willing to take his guard down intentionally to let people in and to be there for them. Then you have all the fun people who take every opportunity to attack this. Why? Why not? They don't seem to have anything better to do. And when it comes to finding a victim of aggression there is none easier then someone who lays everything out for the world to see, no strings attached.

They seem as dumb you know lol. I ain't join in the group.

It took a lot of restraint not to comment on any of the stories... I'm just glad it's done with now.

I have reported the group. All the hate stories were deleted, and one member had their account deleted, but that group stayed when the dust settled.

I am surprised flobadine isn't in the group, lol! Oh, don't forget the "I have been blocked by archangeljophiel" group, lol!

That's right. EP now has a hate group devoted entirely to a single individual.