I am not religious. Not at all. I don't follow any religion and find that the majority are dated, contradictory and have been left behind in an increasingly developing world.

Although this is something I would not chose to do I do respect the many who have dedicated their lives to living like a monk and practicing Buddhism. I find it admirable to a degree.....
Buddhism is evident and goes back a very long time and it is quite clear to see how along with the times, the belief structures and ways of life have also progressed and developed, once much more basic and now seemingly replaced with the power and joy one can receive from the beauty of nature, the calming rituals of meditation and the ability to live in simplicity in order to find their true essence of inner happiness. There is no God, no higher being. Merely Buddha, a human man who claimed to have discovered the deeper meanings of life. Buddha itself is not thought of as a God to be worshipped and prayed to by others. Instead it's used as a guidance and a mark of respect - much like the respect given to the statue of the great Abraham Lincoln. Funny thing is, some do believe in a 'God', others 'don't' and that's alright. It is an open minded, civilized belief system aimed at discovering inner peace, tranquility and happiness through meditation and respect and appreciation of nature. Non-violent, non-imposing. Done with kindness. And Unlike other religions it aims to keep up with the continuously changing modern world and ideals. The 14th Dalai Lama ' If Science proves some Belief of Buddhism wrong, then Buddhism will have to change. In my view Science and Buddhism both share a search for the truth and for understanding reality.....that says it all really
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Do you appreciate the fact that Gautam Buddha walked out of his marriage with kids to seek nirvana !

well not everyone can be perfect :)

A religion that is not pretentious or full of its own self importance.

Nicely written!


what an amazing post! I'm also non religious, i don't believe in religions at all, in fact, most of my earlier life I was atheist, later on, around 25/26, I realized Im a spiritual person : ) just yesterday I was reading up on Buddhism, and I still have the link up, and I was being fascinated by it .... it is defenitely something I would look more into, thanks for your post

you're very welcome :) was just an outlet of my personal feelings towards it. I respect it greatly and find it really interesting!

This is exactly how I feel, I've had options no restrictions with my religion choice but u grew up with my mum and Buddhism , I loved reading all her books even at 16 and Tao , Buddhism makes me feel good .... The others don't, that's my opinion :)