Actually I Don’t Think We’re That Different

Okay, maybe the ways to communicate with God (or the Higher Power, the divine, or whatever you like to call It) are different, there are people who go to church, there are also people who go to mosque, and there are people who go to temple, etc. But those differences are only in formalities. In substance level, the values, they are all the same.
Its like when you say “I love you” in English, it would take another form in different languages,rite? In Indonesian, it would be “aku mencintaimu.” Frenchman would say “J’et aime.” For Spaniard “yo te amo.” “Wo ai ni” in  Chinese, or “saranghae” for those who speak Korean. They’re different, but the meaning are still the same, it still I love you.
The same goes for religions and beliefs. While in surface level, we may or may not have talked differently regarding our God, but if we dig deeper, we can see that all form of religions and beliefs have same foundation. It taught us (and encourage is to be) about three kindness:
1.       Be kind to yourself
2.       Be kind to other people
3.       Be kind to nature.
Those are the pillar of every way of life that we call religions and they’re all the same. Now lets emphasize on point #2. Be kind to other people. Period. There is no be kind to people who hold same religion as you, no, its be kind to other people, as in be kind to all people in general, no matter how different they might be from you. Then again  if we value the same thing, how can’t we be that different anyway?
Its not other religions or beliefs that people should wary of. The acts of selfishness, arrogance, and ignorance are the real enemies. And these distasteful traits can be found in most people, regardless what their religion or belief.
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4 Responses Mar 24, 2012

Although Im no longer religious...thats what I try to do...practice kindness. Sadly people hate and discriminate because of religious differences.

i hope you find the answer you wanted to hear...

Sorry...what answer?

ahh those you wanted to know and all and being helpful to others really is good thing to do.....

Yes, this is very true. :) You said it all. Amazingly said as always :)

Very well said. To me what is important is that the person is kind not what they believe in. We should respect one another despite our difference of language, religion, race, culture etc...