Be Who You Are, Leave Everyone Else Alone

Peace. That's exactly what the world needs. Enjoy your religion, and be happy with who you are, what you believe, etc. But it is unacceptable to push your beliefs onto any other human being. We ALL have our own beliefs, thoughts and opinions, so you preaching to anyone else of how they should be or what they should do in your opinion does not matter. No one cares what religion you think is best for them, because everyone has minds of their own. Someone isn't the same religion as you- so what? It doesn't matter, so don't try to change them.

I'm tired as hell of people that do this, and sincerely one of my biggest wishes is that those people just shut up and got over themselves.

Phew, there goes my steam to the day. Hope you enjoyed.
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2 Responses Apr 6, 2012

What about you other story about people looking for a better life for them and there family's. Oh I mean immigrants oh and they do pay taxes out of every pay check. They just don't get to collect it back in social security when they get old. Oh yah that means they are halping the system, so there is more money for you when u want to retire. This country can only survive on immigration it is what it is stop believeing the haters. Feel better about your self by being yourself not belittling others to build your self up. Sorry I just hate the haters and know your not like that. Oh and if you ate 15 you should not be friends with me, I am a dirty old man, well I play one. :)

Yes dear I am agree with you … if someone really wants to know about any religion he/she will conduct research and accordingly she/he will do what they want… so don’t force people… incase they need your assistance step in and help them...