I Respect Yours So Please Respect Mine.

I had a different beliefs than my mom and she looked down on me for it. I had to be a Christian no matter what. I have nothing against Christianity at all. I felt I was more of a wiccan though. I had to keep my thoughts to myself and live a lie to make her happy. Well, I didn't have to but my mom was kinda like the mother in Carrie. She was to judgemental as I started to get to my teen years. She said some hurtful things when I said how I felt differently about things. We had a lot of fights over it. She said I was evil if I wanted to be a witch, cause there is no suah thing as a white witch! I couldn't believe how ignorant she could be at times. I had my fair share of cruel things to say also. I remember she told me if I had premaridial sex I was nothing more than a *****. I never believed that at all. I know some save thamselves for marriage and that's fine. I didn't and I don't see how it makes anyone a *****. Anyway, all I'm trying to say is I will respect whatever you believe. Live your life for you not anyone else. One last thing I found out when my mother passed that she wasn't no angel when she was younger. I think this is why she was so stern on some subjects. Maybe she regreted what she had done. I'll never know though.
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Parents tend to teach their children so that they wouldn't do the same mistakes they did. It's normal that she wanted you to be a Christian, but it wasn't normal if she blatantly forced you to believe. Belief happens when a person receives experience, you can't flash your own experience on others, they have to get it themselves. That was the biggest mistake your mom did to you.