I Have To Really Think About What I Beieve

I have to be careful about what i say i believe, ad what i really and truely believe in my heart. I am muslim but i do not believe they being gay is wrong. i just can't. I can not say it is a part of our fabric as people, and then on friday at juma say that they are sinners. The truth is we all have our own flaws, an strengths, along with weaknesses. The one thng we dont have is perfection,thats why we must respect others as they come, understand our simiarities, and celebate our differences.
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1 Response Nov 27, 2012

as am called a hipocrit sometimes, but reason doesnt aways solve your beliefs, or make you feel more or less on a certain subject. I am just done believing what other people tell me is morally right and what i shall believe if i dont really believe it. I am trying my best to undersand, and study many different cultures, so that i may aquire a taste for what i find moral. We all have feelings, and can tell when somethng doesnt sound right.