Within reason. There are some things I just can NOT understand. Like most Christians, passing judgement and just generally being dicks. Racism. Child abuse. Extremists. Pessimism. I think that one is my pet peeve; pessimism. What good has being so negative ever brought you??
But yea.
Moderation is key.
Never throw yourself so fully into something that you can't be brought back.
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I can't take this list seriously when you place pessimism on par with child abuse. I could turn the whole thing around as well. What good has optimism ever brought you? This illusionistic pretense of positivity, when life is more than often a struggle to most people. The world needs pessimists, just as much as it needs optimists. They balance each other out. Besides, intelligent people are more likely to be pessimists.

Shouldn't they be realist ?

Heh. Never saw this. Wasn't meant to be :)

Well said!