There are so many different people, from many different places, backgrounds, life experiences, who am i to say one belief is wrong and one is right, each belief system helps the one who embraces it, therefor it is good.
As an example of how much I do support other beliefs, I have this friend, she lives down the street, we just hit it off, we were like two people who found a kindred soul, sharing our likes and dislikes, realizing we had alot in common, then... she told me.. she was jahova's witness, I use to tell them when they came to the door I was not interested, and i thought uh oh this might not be good.. but I stood proud in my beliefs, she respected them whole heartedly, and we promised each other we would not push them on to each other, they make her feel good, like she belongs, and I am glad of that.. we are still good friends, and I love her very much, two very different belief system, but two kindred souls.
The only thing I tend to get uncomfortable is the cults that create so much negativity, if it hurts people, it is not good. That is the only thing I discourage, but I have always encouraged my kids to follow what makes them happy and feel like they belong.
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LOL *winks* Thanks!

You are wonderful...<br />
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I dont think I can stand and be quite as gracious. I can respect that someone has different beliefs than I. Cannot always respect what they are.<br />
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I cant say too much more in explaination without thread-jacking your sweet post....:)

You are truly wonderful! :)