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George Zimmerman's Act Of Self Defence

I highly respect George Zimmeeman and hiz act of self defence.
Race is not an issue here and it makes me angry that protests are race riots are going on in America because justice was done.
If a youth of any race high on drugs angry about his father's girlfriend stalked and attacked me bashing my head against a sidewalk I would shot too.
Self defence (stand your ground) is a basic human right and these race motivated rioters and protesters are not seeing the true issues they are trusting the lame stream media and liberal who lie to them.
With time and water under the bridge America and the world can only hope these protests and riots go away and that this adolescent attackers family can morn his loss and make peace with his drug use and anger issues and what they cost him.
LadyGypsy LadyGypsy 41-45, F 2 Responses Jul 20, 2013

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I'm glad someone could see that justice based on and only on evidence did have the final say in that trial. Some do not see it that way as the news channels presented the aftermath of that in a slanted way. We will have to see what is dredged out of non transparent muck to get another federal charge against that man. No I don't have a crystal ball but it looks like that as i watch what the court of public opinion has been saying.

well stated couldn't agree with you more.