I Met A Guy Named Mike

In the wee hours, the morning after St Patrick's Day, my friend and I decided we needed Waffle House. She was completely loaded and I was sobering up from a moderate amount of alcohol intake. We arrived in seperate cars and I flew to the bathroom. I came back outside and she was talking to this tall, average build guy in a plain white T and some black pants, no particular expression. They were chattering away. I wondered who he was and asked if they knew each other. He admitted that he did not know my friend, so I introduced myself. She asked him to join us for breakfast. Lol.

So... we are not accustom to meeting strangers here in the south, I asked questions and she babbled on about dumb ****. I love her, but .. she wasn't in her right state of mind. After some time, we all ended up outside to have a cigarette. It was around 3:45am.

She left, my friend, to go tend to her cousin. I was suppose to go, but I had made the comment earlier that I had no intentions on going to visit. So, as I'm standing there, this guy just over my right shoulder .. a few feet back .. she drives off and I'm wondering what I'm going to do. Should I go? Should I stay? I was well enough awake and knew I would be awake in my bed if I had went home and this blog wouldn't make any sense so without having to mention it, I stayed. Turns out, the seemingly shy guy was a real talker once my friend left. I think it might have been because she had the floor, and there was no room.

He proceeded to tell me all about him and his life story. I stood there, leaned against my car, sat on my trunk, listening and smiling. He's a mildly forward, honest person with great respect for himself, which set him apart from all of people in that walk of life. I respected that and gave him all the time that I could spare. His story? He worked at the McDonald's next door, on very long shifts and spent his time at Waffle House meeting new people to avoid the loneliness of his apartment. His story, and we're sticking to it. He didn't come off as "shady". He never gave me that "creepy guy" feeling..never got close to me, wasn't crude or asked for anything other than a single cigarette. At one time, I took out two smokes and gave him one. The look on his face as I handed it to him was of kind, un-desperate, appreciation.

Maybe I'm nice. Maybe I'm a sucker. Maybe he's just an average Joe working his way thru life and it's struggles. For whatever reason .. He talked and I listened for almost two hours and ended up with the guy's number. I'll probably never text or call him. It was just the experience that left enough mark on me. It gave me a glimpse of reasons to try harder and fight for what I want in life. Mike's doing it. I can too.
JenniferSH636 JenniferSH636
22-25, F
Mar 19, 2011