personally i dont think looks mean anything i want someone who will treat me with respect and hosensty. If more guys would treat a girl this way maybe the world would be a better place. i want to be treated with respect and i will be treated that way.
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The key is to find someone that has those same values otherwise you find out the HARD way. Which is they were never really who they portrayed to be..🤔

I agree they are important to a degree, But there is a lot more that counts in a relationship than good looks ya know.Respect trust would on the list, as well.

Funny you don't place too much importance on looks (it seems like everyone does). Am a bit of a retrosexual too, although looks are slighty important (becasue c'mon lets be honest, you want to feel comfortable with what you're looking at no?) I worry more about personal qualities, these are the ones which make the ultimate decision. Respect and honesty are no doubt n01. I'm sure you'll find one of those men, that's if you haven't already